Family & Couples

20th August 2020

I believe in the importance of every little moment we spend with our kids, with our loved ones and friends. I believe we deserve to have a lasting memory of those moments… of everyday life that is passing so fast!

The memories of your mom cuddling you without any reason, your dad going with you on your first fishing trip adventure, tickling your kid and laughing together until your tummies hurt… This photo session is for those of you who want to have fun with their family and create beautiful memories in pictures. You always try to take photos of your kids or family but hey… your kids and family want you in those photos too! Imagine when your kid will be older, he will for sure want to go back to those memories and see his parents on the pictures. Imagine also if you are never on those pictures because of some silly reasons (you are not photogenic, you are not in the right shape…). If that is the case, your children will never have the chance to enjoy looking at those pictures…

I do my family shootings in a very playful way. There will be no awkward poses (I know how hard it is to make a child pose). What I will do instead is to propose you various activities to do with your kids and, in the meantime, I will be capturing the sincere connections between you, your laughs, all the authentic emotions.

LoveStory is also a type of family photo session that I can offer you. This one is dedicated to couples who want to celebrate their love. I love to show the connection between two people who are in love.

Let me tell the story of your family or your beautiful couple!