6th August 2020

The golden hour couple …

The golden hour couple ... This session I did a while ago but it is still dear to my heart. Warm summer evenings reminded me of this shooting as well as the romantic vibes of that moment …

This session took place in Castelldefels, a lovely town within 20 minutes drives from Barcelona. It has a golden-sanded beach strip of 5 km long, beautiful and so spacious, perfect location for a photoshoot.. what else would you want, right?!

I must confess that one of my favourite time for taking pictures is the golden hour, that magical golden hour. Which is loved by so many photographers, and I am no exception.

The soft light and the pastel tones of the golden hours are hard to beat. It does bring that wow feel to the photos… I am a sucker for the light, I think it is one of the most important, or maybe the most essential factor for some great results in photography. I am looking for this perfect light everywhere, every time I do the shooting, but I am especially craving for it when shooting couples… The chemistry between two people in love is giving all the magic, but the perfect light or the golden light brings it all together. Pure beauty.

Every shooting I do is personalised and unique. It is always about people, their character, personality and mood. But what is not changing is my guidance and help, a very caring approach throughout the whole session.

I adapt to every client’s need so that they feel confident and relaxed at the same time. 

During the couple session, for example, I don’t give “orders” like “stay straight “Look at the camera all the time” … No, in the opposite, I don’t want you to look at the camera unless I specifically ask you to do it. Do you feel the difference?!

My idea of a perfect picture is to show the mood of the couple, that invisible connection between them, the touches and the candid smiles. The love they feel towards each other, and I can only do it when they are genuinely interacting with each other and don’t look straight at my camera… During the session, I like to give my couple some little tasks, cute and funny, so they can forget for a moment about my presence with a camera and concentrate on each other like they do in real life moments. This way, the magical intimacy is being created for beautiful photographs…