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I can always think of hundreds of things to take pictures of… But one of my favourite subjects is the sea. I literally can spend hours simply sitting on the beach, with my camera on and listening to the waves crashing, and… my husband who keeps asking me if we can already go home…

Praia do Guincho – is 6km northwest of Cascais, on the way to Guincho. It is a well hidden little treasure. A definite must-see!

You can easily drive by it without noticing, so be careful. It is worth stopping there if you like to see the force of the ocean in action. Kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing, beautiful and unique nature are all there in one place. One of the ways to reach it and, definitely the most adventurous way, is through the dunes – Duna da Cresmina. The landscape that is opening while you are crossing the dunes through a specially built wooden walkway is stunning. The ocean on the horizon is calling you, it lures you in…

The Guincho-Cresmina dunes are an unstable system with unique fauna and flora. Unstable due to sand drifting caused by strong winds.

I headed straight to the ocean as soon as we reached the beach. It was mid September, and water was rather cold. Saying that, it didn’t stop me from shaking off my flip flops and stepping straight into the ocean. Immediately I was covered with goosebumps, not because of the cold but mostly because of the overwhelming feeling of happiness: I am at the ocean…

My mission was almost accomplished… I touched the ocean, now the only thing that was left to do is finding a perfectly cosy spot on the sand, turning on Live View mode on my camera and start taking photos…

The pictures below were inspired by those brave surfers conquering the waves, wind and cold water… I truly admire the surfers’ spirit. Being a surfer is a state of mind. Your soul always feels home and happy when your toes are touching the ocean… Just like mine.


What a beautiful place!

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