6th February 2020

Matosinhos – Porto

PORTO – MATOSINHOS beach (the location on the pictures is Praia do Castelo do Queijo) is one of those places where you feel so calm and peaceful. You don’t notice the time passing. You just exist at this moment, here and now. Exist with a total harmony with nature around you. It’s that rare feeling… Even now looking back at the photos from Matosinhos beach, I can vividly remember the way I felt on that foggy morning, mid of September…

We arrived on the beach in the late morning and the coastline was covered with fog. But it was actually breathtaking. I didn’t expect this place to be like that. As before coming here, I looked up the photos online and they were bright, full of sun. What I saw when I came there was the opposite and, in the beginning, I got a bit upset. But, as soon as we headed towards the sea, I realised that actually we were the lucky ones!

Some parts of the Matosinhos beach are very rocky. So they are definitely not for swimming. But that didn’t bother me. I can call myself an adventurous soul, so my eyes were sparkling with excitement and the desire to start exploring this planet. Yes, definitely a planet. It looked like one. The rocky surface, sometimes with the bright red colour stones, sometimes covered with mussels, sometimes you find the deeps of water with the algae floating, and if you look inside them, you can find many little stones and even crabs slowly crawling around…

Further, on the horizon, I could see the waves peacefully crashing into the rocks… and I could also see seagulls, some resting on one leg, some hunting for food… One word – enchanting!

These were the moments when I didn’t think about time at all… I was just greedily enjoying this beauty and taking photos, lots of photos.

This place will stay in my adventurous soul… I would definitely recommend, you guys, to see this part of Matosinhos beach for yourself. Step out of the tourist roads, go and explore!